WarpOut Lite

Publié le : 09 juin 20211 mins de lecture

“WarpOut is a very cool puzzle game with all the right factors” — raywenderlich.com

WarpOut is a revolution in the world of block games. 

Blocks drift around a vortex, as other blocks keep popping out of it.

Your mission is to have them disappear to clear the area.
Once a block can no longer pop out of the vortex, your mission fails.

The gameplay is quite revolutionary; while, in other block games, blocks fall from the top of the screen, in WarpOut they pop from the center; while, in other block games, blocks are still, in WarpOut they orbit around the vortex.

Play WarpOut is quite easy; master it is much harder.

Classic mode aside, enjoy the puzzle mode available to understand the different techniques of WarpOut.

Good luck…

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